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  Invincible (sunk)
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  Black Prince (sunk)
  Defence (sunk)
  Warrior  (sunk) .
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  Tipperary  (sunk)
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  Ardent (sunk)
  Fortune (sunk)
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  Sparrowhawk (sunk)
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Officers and Men Killed in Action H.M.S. Black Prince
Jutland, 31st May 1916.

Extract from "Jutland" by Capt. Donald MacIntyre. 1957

............ another encounter had ended in disaster for a British ship. The cruiser Black Prince which, at the first meeting of the two main fleets had followed her flagship, Defence, into action and been roughly handled at the time that Defence had been blown up and Warrior disabled, had been left behind by the Grand Fleet's turn to the southward after deployment. For some reason which will never be known, she was still at this time far astern of and out of touch with the British fleet; but when a line of battleships was dimly seen ahead, it was nodoubt thought that they were the British squadrons. Course was altered to close them. At a bare half-mile range, the German recognition signal flashed out. The horrified Captain Bonham, swung his ship away in a desperate effort to escape, but it was too late.
In the battleship Thuringen the same deadly efficient night action procedure that had been displayed at the head of the line went into play. Brilliantly lit by half-a-dozen searchlights, the Black Prince was raked from stern to stem by a tornado of shells and lay a helpless wreck before she could even fire a shot in reply. As she drifted down the German line, ship after ship opened up on her, Thuringen, Ostfriesland, Nassau and, finally, as the fleet flagship Friedrich der Grosse, added her quota, the Black Prince met the same end as the Defence, blowing up with a tremendous explosion, vanishing with all hands......

Thomas P. Bonham, R. N.

John B. Waterlow, D.S.O.

 Lieutenant Commander
David W. S. Douglas.
Charles S. Morris.
Robert I. Faulkner.
Robert C. Chichester.
William W. J. Fletcher.
Geoffrey H. V. Bayfield.
Harold Blow, R.N.R.
Charles F. Halliday, R.N.R.
Engineer Commander
George E. A. Crichton.

Engineer Lieutenant Commander
James D. Niven.

Engineer Lieutenant
Ernest W. Caine.

Alfred W. Delves-Broughton, R.M.L.I.

Geoffrey R. Steinthal, R.M.L.I.
Rev. William F. Webber, B.A

Chaplain (R. C.)
 Rev. S. J. Phelan.

Fleet Surgeon
Herbert L. Geoghegan, M.B.
Thomas M. Wood-Robinson.
John S. D. MacCormac.

Arthur H. C. Barlow.
Thomas McL. Hutchinson, R.N.V.R.

Thomas H. Clark.
Mate (E)
Henry T. Cleare.

Asst. Paymaster
 John P. Rising.
Harry H. Palmer, R.N.R.
Edgar S. Price, R.N.R.

Chief Gunner
George F. Collingwood.
Chief Boatswain
Frederick H. Mansbridge.
Donald Simpson.
William A. Morrell.

William J. Grier.
Signal Boatswain
Henry H. Rowe.
Ernest H. Mortimer.

Acting Artificer Engineer
Albert Middleton.

 Artificer Engineer
William G. H. Pike.
James Wood row.
Thomas Cole.

Abbott, William, A.B. Alborn, Walter Cecil, E.R.A. 4. Algeo, John, Sto. 1.
Allen, Henry, Boy 1. Allen, William, Sto. 1. Allsop, Frederick Stanley, Boy 1.
Ambler, Arthur William, Armourer.  Anderson, Alf. Geo., Of. Std. 3. Anderson, John, Sto. 1.
 Ansted, Alf. Chas., A.B. Applin, Henry Cecil, Sto. 1. Archdeacon, Patrick John, P.O.
Armitage, George, Sto. 1. Armstrong, Alfred J., Pte. R.M.L.I. Arnell, William Arthur, A.B.
 Ash, Joseph, Boy 1. Aspinall, Fredk. S., Pte. R.M.L.I. Atkin, William Herbert, Sto. 1.
 Atkinson, William George, Sto. 1. Austin, Frank, Sto. P.O. Ayling, Alfred J., Pte. R.M.L.I.
Bacon, William Fredk., A.B. Bailey, Frank Alfred, A.B.  Baker, George Edward, Sto. 1.
Ball, William Henry, A.B. Banks, Leonard, Boy 1. Barker, George Henry, Ld. Sea.
Barker, Philip Alan, Act. E.R.A. 4. Barnard, Francis John, Ld. Sea. Barnes, Chas. Fredk., Mech.
Barrett, Arthur Samuel, A.B. Barsby, Thomas, Pte. R.M.L.I. Barsdell, William, A.B.
Bartlett, William James, Act. E.R.A. 4. Barton, Robert, A.B. (R.N.V.R.) Bates,  Claude Leslie, A.B.
Batty, Charles Anthony, Sto, P.O. Batty, Wm. Edward, Sto. P.O. Bax, Arthur, Sto. 1.
Baxter, George Henry, Boy 1. Beacock, Frederick, Sto. 1. Beagley, John, A.B.
Beard, William Robert, Ld. Sto. Beasent, Joseph, Sto. 1. Beaumont, Henry, Ld. Sto.
Beaton, Albert Edward. Sto. P.O. Beckingham, Henry, E.R.A. 3. Beetson, Arthur, Sig. Boy.
Bell, Arthur, Sto. 1. Bell, Robert Fearn, Sto. 1. Bell, Thomas, Sto. 1.
Benfell, Bernard, A.B. Bennett, John, Sto R.N.R. Bennett. George Samuel, A.B. (R.N.V.R.)
Bermingham, John Bryan, Act.
E.R.A. 4.
Berryman, Thomas, P.O. Bethell, Herbert, Sto. 1.
Bevan, John Daniel, Sto. 1. Bickers, George William, A.B. Biddlecombe, Charles, Sto. 1.
Billingham, Arthur, Act. Elec. Art. 4. Binns, Ernest, A.B. (R.N.V.R.) Birchnall, Albert Edward, Sto. 1.
 Bird, Frank Henry, Sto. 1. Birnie, Fredk. Harry Thompson,
Bishop, David, Ord. Sea.
Bishop, James, Sto. 1. Biss, Alfred, A.B. Blackmore, Gerald Ackland, Sig. Boy.
Blandford, Sidney H., Pte. R.M.L.I. Blatchford, John Augustine, P.O. Bodman, Jacob Walter, Ld. Sea.
Boggust, Wm. James, Ch. Sh. Cook. Bonner, William, Pte. R.M.L.I. Booth, Albert Edward, A.B.
Bottoms, Arthur David, A.B. Boulton, Francis Frank, A.B. Bourne, Richard Arthur, Ord. Sea
Bowerman, Chas. G., Pte. 'R.M.L.I. Bowler, Theodore William Wood,
Ord. Sea.
Bowley. Chas. James, Ld. Sto.
Bradford, Joseph Henry, Sto. 1. Bradshaw, Henry, Ld. Sea. Braginton, Wm., Shipwright 2.
Braine, George Herbert, A.B.
Brennan, James, Ld. Sea. Brewer, Arthur John, A.B.
Brewerton, Abraham H., Pte.
Briggs, Harry, P.O. Briggs, Henry. Ld. Sto.
Broadhurst, Harold Alfred, Boy 1. Brookman, Kenneth Douglas, A.B. Brooks, Robert, A.B.
Brown, Charles Edward, Sto. 1. Brown, Clarence Haman, A.B. Brown, George Brewer, Yeo. of Sigs.
Browne, Leonard, Elec. Art. 2. Buckland, Sidney Geo., A.B. Budgen, Archibald Sydney, A.B.
Buick, Leigh, Ld. Sea. Bulbeck, Wm. Alfred. Yeo. of Sigs. Bundy, Percival Charles, Plum. M.
Bunn, William James, Mech. Burden, Fredk. Geo., Mech. Burgoyne, William, Ord. Sea.
Burns, Peter, Sto. R.N.R. Butchart, Jeremiah, Ord. Sea. Butcher, Frederick, Ord. Sea.
Butler, Amos, Sto. 1. Butler, Ernest Edmund, A.B. Butler, Thomas Wm., Sto. R.N.R.
Butlin, John H., Pte. R.M.L.I. Cake, Ernest, P.O. Callaghan, Bernard, Pte. R.M.L.I.
Cameron, Percy, Sto. 1. Cameron, William Henry. Sto. 1. Carlile, Herbert, Sto. 1.
Carpendale, Reuben Benj., Sto. 1. Carpenter, Charles Henry, Sto. 1. Carter, Fredk. William, Sto. 1.
 Cauchi, John, Of. Std. 1. Caulfield, Moses, A.B.  Causton, Geoffrey Horace, A.B.
Chalk, George Henry, A.B. Champ, Herbert, A.B. Chandler, Walter Henry, A.B.
Charnell, Herbert George, Sig. Chappell, Horace James, Arm. C. Chester, Herb. John, P.O.
Chetcuti, Guiseppe, Of. Std. 2. Chipperfield, Wm. Fredk., Boy 1. Christal, John, Sto. 1.
Churcher, Henry J., Pte. R.M.L.I. Churchill, Arth. E., Pte. R.M.L.I. Clark, Harry, A.B.
Clarke, Arthur John, Sto. 1. Clarke, Ernest Edgar, A.B. Clifford, Henry Joseph, Ord. Sea.
Cochrane, Ernest Harold, Sto. 1. Cochrane, Wilfred Douglas, A.B. Cockerill, Joseph William, Sto. 1.
Codd, Harry, E.R.A. 1. Coggan, Harold William, A.B. Cole, Arthur Barker, A.B.
Cole, Wm. Henry John, Ld. Sea. Colebrook, Edwin, Ch. P.O. Collins, James, Sto. P.O.
Connor, Dominick, Sea. R.N.R. Conway, Harry, Pte. R.M.L.I. Cook, George Edward, A.B.
Cook, William Alfred, Sto. 1. Coombs, Harry. Ch. Sto. Cooper, Alfred William, Sto. P.O.
Cooper, John Hiram Ward, A.B.
Cooper, William James, A.B.
Cooper. Horace William, C.C.
Cope, George Henry, A.B. Copp, Ernest Fredk., Ch. P.O. Costard, Edward Charles, A.B.
Cotillard, Henry Louis, Sto. 1. Coulson, Thomas, Sto. 1. Courteney, Leonard, A.B.
Cousins, Thomas Alec. Geo., A.B. Cowan, Richard, Sto. 1. Coward, Thomas A., Pte. R.M.L.I.
Cowdrey, Alfred Albert, P.O. Cox, Ernest George, Ord. Sea. Cox, Frederick, A.B.
Cox, Maurice, Sig. R.N.V.R. Cracknell, Thomas Henry, Ch. Sto. Crawford, James, Sto. 1.
 Crawshaw, Harry, Sto. 1. Credland, Herbert, A.B. Croft, Elimas Oliver, Sto. 1.
Croft, Sidney, A.B. (R.N.V.R.) Cross, Robert Ignatius, Yeo. of Sig. Cudby, Frank, A.B. (R.N.V.R.)
Cumner, William George, A.B. Cunningham, Michael, Sto. 2.  Cuomo, Guiseppe, Bandsman.
Curran, Michael, P.O. 1. Cutler, Wm. Arthur Geo., Sto. 1. Dabbs, William, Pte. R.M.L.I.
Daily, James, A.B. (R.N.V.R.) Dakin, John Herbert, Ord. Sea. Dalby, Thomas, Boy 1.
 Dann, William James, Ld. Cook.'s Mate. Darby, Fredk. George, Sig. Boy. Dash, Herbert, A.B.
Davies, Albert John, Act. Ch. Sto. Davies, Wm. George, A.B. Davis, Alfred, Cook's Mate.
Davis, Chas. Henry Wm., 3rd
Davis, Frank, A.B. Davis, Horace W., Pte. R.M.L.I.
Dawson, James, Sto. R.N.R. Dean, Albert, Sh. Std. Asst. Deller, James Albert, Act. Ch. Sto.
 Denning, Christian E., Pte. R.M.L.I. Dennis. George, A.B. Dermedy, John James, A.B.
Dicken, Frank Ernest, Sto. 1. Dickinson, Edgar, E.R.A. 4. Dickinson, Fred Gordon, Boy 1.
Dicks, Robt. Wm. James, Act. Ld.
Ditchfield. Harold, Ord. Sig. Dixon, Charles, Sto. 1.
Dixon, Rich. Turnbull, Boy 1. Dixon, Robert Milburn, Boy 1.  Dobie, James Mathison, Sto. 1.
Doick, Charles Frank, A.B. Dolphin, Charles James, A.B. Doncaster, William, A.B.
Done, Thomas, Act. Ld. Sto. Dowd, Thomas, Sto. 1. Down, Ernest, S.B.S.
 Drake. Victor Wm. Walter, Boy 1. Drover, John E., Pte. R.M.L.I. Drube, Otto, Blacksmith.
Dugdale. Ernest Chas., A.B. Duggan, Bernard, Wireman 2. Duncan, William, Sto. 1.
Dunford, John, Sto. P.O Duquemin, Hilary Wilfred, Of.
Cook 3.
Dyer, James, Pte. R.M.L.I.
Dyer, Thomas, Ch. E.R.A. 1. Dyer, William, Sto. P.O. Dykes, Charlie, Sto. 1.
Eachus, Walter. A.B. (R.N.V.R.)  Eagleton, Alfred, A.B. Easen, John Arthur, A.B.
Ebsworth, Geo. Wm., Ld. Sig. Edginton, Henry Simms, Sto. 1. Edwards, Harry Thomas, A.B.
Edwards, James, Sto. 1. Ekin, Henry Richard, Wireman 2. Elledge, Henry John, Ld. Sto.
Elliott, Henry G., Pte. R.M.L.I.  Evans, Alfred, Ld. Sto. Evans, Fredk. James, Ld. Sig.
Evans, Sidney, Sto. 1. Ewart, James Brodie, P.O. Exeter, Henry Marshall, Ch.
Writer. Exton, William, Ld. Sto  Eyers, Ernest Harold, A.B. Eyles, Bertram Alfred, Pte. R.M.L.I.
Eyres, John Gilbert, Boy 1.  Facey, Richard Enoch, Sto. 1. Fairbairn, John Edward, Plumbers Mate.
Faulkner, James Robert, P.O. Felton, Albert Edward, P.O. Fernot, Arthur, Ld. Sea.
 Ferris, Reginald Jas. Fredk., Sh.
Std. Asst.
Field, Arthur, Ld. Sea. Fisher, James C., Pte. R.M.L.I.
Fisher, Willie Sutton, Ord. Sea.  Flack, Arthur, Pte. R.M.L.I. Fleetwood, Albert, Act. E.R.A. 4.
Fletcher, William, Sto. 1. Fletcher, Wm. Geo., Sto. P.O. Flower, Stanley Richard, Sto. 1.
Foam, Albert John, A.B. Ford, George, Sto. R.N.R. Ford, Richard, Pte. R.M.L.I.
Formo, Angelo, Bandsman.  Foster, Henry, A.B. Foster, Walter, Sto. 1.
Fowler, Walter Charles, A.B. Fox, John Henry, Ld. Sto. Francis, Albert, Bov 1.
French, Edward John, A.B. French, Richard G., Pte. R.M.L.I. Freshwater, Wm. H., Boy 1.
Fudge. Alfred Harry, A.B. Garritty, Michael, Sto. 1. Gaskin, Luke, Pte. R.M.L.I.
George John, Sto. 1. George, John Reg., Act. E.R.A. 4.  Gibbins, George W., Pte. R.M.L.I.
Gibbons, James Thomas, Ord. Sea. Gilbert, Burnham Wm., Sto. 1. Gilbert, Harold Thos.. Ord. Sea.
Gilbert, Horace James, Ord. Sea.
Gill, Harry Charles., Elec. Art. 3. Gillett, Wm., Ld. Sea.
Gillibrand, Roy Harold, A.B. Gingell, Joseph F., Pte. R.M.L I. Ginger, Edward, A.B.
Godwin, Wm. James, Ld. Sto.  Goodchild, Arthur, Pte. R.M.L.I.  Goodwin, John, Sto. 1.
Goodyear, Harry Edward, A.B.  Cover, Samuel Henry, Mech. Grant, Frank, Arm. Mte.
Grasso, Luigi, Bandsman. Green, Charles James, Cooper. Green, Francis Albert, A. B.
Green, George, Pte. R.M.L.I. Green, Sydney Laurence, A.B. Green, Thomas, Sto. 1.
 Greenwood, Wm. Parkinson, Sto.
Gregory, Francis, Ld. Sto. Griffiths, John Henry, A.B.
Grimes, Fredk. Thos., Boy 1.  Gritt, James Alfred, Act Ld. Sto. Grossmith, Fred. James, Ord. Sea.
Grossmith, John Albert, A.B.  Guinta, Constantino, Bandsman. Gull, Douglas Harry, Sto. 1.
Gullett, James Anthony, Sig. Boy. Gulvin, Leonard Gordon, A.B. Gunner, Chris. J., Pte. R.M.L.I.
Haizelden, James Charles. A.B. Hake, Fredk. Geo. Beames, A.B. Halford, William, Arm. Crew.
Hall, John T., Mech. Hallam, George Fredk. Bertie, A.B. Hamill, Thos., Sto. 1.
Hamilton, Lawrence, Sto. R.N.R. Hamilton, Richard, Sto. R.N.R. Hannan, Edw. Wm. Jos., Sto. P.O.
Hansford, Reginald Gordon, A.B. Harman, Charles Fredk., Tel. Harper, Wm. John, Sto. 1.
Harris, Wilfred J., Pte. R.M.L.I. Harrison, Albert Edward, Cook's Mte. Harrison, John, Sto. 1.
Hart, Joseph, Sto. 1. Hartwell, Norman Leslie, A.B. Hawkins, Wm. Edward, Sto. 1.
Haynes, Edward, Sto. 1. Head, Ernest Albert, A.B. Heath, John Thomas, Ch. P.O.
Hellier, George Wm.. E.R.A. 3. Hellyer, Henry, Sto. P.O. Henderson, Henry James, Ld. Sea.
Herrington, Herbert, A.B. Herrod, Arthur, A.B. Heywood, Samuel, Sto. P.O.
Hickson, Arthur, A.B. (R.N.V.R.) Higgins, Frederick. Daniel. York.,
Pte. R.M.L.I.
Hill, Charles Alfred, Blacksmith.
Hill, George, Sto. P.O. Hine, Fredk. George, Act. Ch. Sto. Hoar, Charles. H., Pte. R.M.L.I.
 Hoar, Ernest W., Pte. R.M.L.I. Hodge, William, A.B. Holbrow, Chas., Sto. 1.
Holden, Charles. Robert Chivers, A.B. Holden, Harold William, A.B. Holmes, James, Sto. 1.
Holmes, Wm. Llewellyn. Sh. Std. Holt, Ernest A., Pte. R.M.L.I. Hooper, Charles H., Sergt. R.M.L.I.
Houghton, Samuel. Sea. R.N.R. Houston, Daniel, Sto. R.N.R.  Howcroft, Ernest, Sto. 2
Howes, Albert, A.B. Howie, James, Sto. R.N.R. Hughes, Edward, Boy 1.
Hughes, Fredk. Geo., A.B. Hughes, James, Sto. 1. Huish, Edward Charles, Ord. Sea.
Hunsley. Thomas, Sto. 1. Hunt, 'William, Ld. Sea. Iddon, Fredk. Chas., Sto. 2.
Illingworth, Julius Leslie, P.O. Inglis, Charles, Pte. R.M.L.I. Ingram, Arthur Wm. Charles, A.B.
James, Sidney Ernest, Ld. Sto. Jenkins. Wm. David, Ld. Sea. Jeram, Edward William Sandell, A.B.  
John, Herbert Stephen. Shipw. 1.  Johnson, James, Sto. 1.  Jones, Arthur Harold, E.R.A. 4.
 Jones, Charles, Sto. 1.  Jones, David George, Sig (R.N.V.R.) Jones, Edw. Clifford, A.B.
Joy, Charles William, Sto. 1. Jupp, Harold Arthur, Ord. Sea. Keeling, Geo. Thomas, Ld. Sea.
 Kemp, Norman, Parkhurst, A.B. Kemp, Thomas Harry, Sto. 1. Kempster, Albert Ernest, Ord. Sig.
Kennedy, Robert Coxon, Sto. 1. Kettell, Frederick, P.O. Kidston, Arthur S., Pte. R.M.L.I.
Kilty, Leonard, A.B. Kimber, Herbert John, Ld. Sto. Kimber, Jos. Wm., A.B.
Kirk, Henry, Sto. 1. Knight, Charles Edward, Sto. 1. Knight, Edward Frank Victor, A.B.
Knight. George, Sto. 1.  Knight, George Wm., Sto. 1. Knight, Henry, P.O.
 Knight, Wm. Henry, Of. Std. 2. Laine, Arthur, Ch. E.R.A. 1. Lamb, John Angus, Ord. Sea.
Lambert, William, A.B.  Lamper, Henry James, A.B.  Lane, Arthur Mark, A.B.
Lane, Charles Henry, Shipw. 1. Lane, Wallace, Ld. Sea. Lane, Wm. K., Pte. R.M.L.I.
Lang, Alec., Sto. 1. Laroche, George, Sto. R.N.R. Last, Alfred Henry, A.B.
Lawrence, Robert G., A.B.
Leary, Edward, Sto. R.N.R. Leary, Patrick, Ch. Sto.
Lee, Douglas Arthur. A.B. Legg, George James, P.O.  Lemon, Herbert Sidney, Elec. Art. 3.
Leonard, John Wm., Sto. 1. Levett, Stanley Henry, Boy Tel. Lewis, George Wm., A.B. (R.N.V.R.)
Lewis, James, Sto. 1. Lightowler, Thos. Joseph, Ord. Sea.  Linshill, Fredk. C.. Pte. R.M.L.I.
Lisley, Ronald, Ord. Sig. Littlewood, Charles Francis North,
Ld. Sig.
Lloyd, Edwin, Sto. R.N.R.
Lloyd, Thomas, A.B. Lockley, Howard F., Cpl. R.M.L.I. Lomas, Fred., Sto. 1.
Long, Gilbert John, A.B. Ludham, James G., Pte. R.M.L.I.  Lugg, Reginald F., Pte. R.M.L.I.
McBride, Cyril, A.B. (R.N.V.R.)  McConochie, David, Sto. 1. McCormack, Fred. Wm., Sto. R.N.R.
McCormick, Alec., Sto. R.N.R.  McDonald, George, Sto. 1.  McDonald, John Campbell, Ld. Tel.
McGee. Henry, Sto. R.N.R. McGillivray, Peter, Sto. R.N.R. Mclntyre,  Patrick, Sto. 1.
 Mclvor, Robert James, Sto. R.N.R. McKevitt, Thomas, Sto. 2. McLaren, John, Boy 1.
McLennan, Matthew, Sto. R.N.R. McMullen, Daniel, A.B.  McPeak, Charles William Lemuel,
Ld. Sea.
McPhail, John, Sto. R.N.R.  MacDonald, Thomas, Pte. R.M.L.I. Macfarlane, George, A.B.
MacLeod, Donald, Ld. Sto. Maddocks, Chas. William, Sto. 1. Magann, John Austin, Sto. P.O.
 Magarity, Joseph, Ch. E.R.A. 2 Maidmen, Sydney Walter, A.B. Mair, Horace Arthur, Sto. 1.
Major, Thomas, Sto. 1. Mallindine, George William., Boy 1. Mansell, Frederick Chas., A.B.
Maples, George Fredk., P.O. 1. Marchant, George Henry,  P.O. 1. Marchant, Sydney Victor, A.B.
 Marks, Walter, A.B. Marsh, John Wm., Ord. Sea. Marshall, Charles William, Sto. P.O.
Martell, Edward, A.B. Martin, Edward, Pte. R.M.L.I. Martin, Joe, Boy 1.
 Mason, Albert Edward, Boy 1. Mason, John Andrew, Sto. 1. Mason, William Henry, A.B.
Massey, Chales. Clifford, Elec. Art. 4. Mather, Ernest, A.B. Mather, William, A.B.
 Matthews, Charles, Sto. 1. Matthews, Frederick George, Of. Std. 1. Matthews, Joseph William., Sto. 1.
Matthews, William. Thos., C.C. Maule, George, Boy 1. Mavin, John Wm., A.B. (R.N.V.R.)
 Maxted. Chas. Bertram, Boy Tel. May, Frederick. William., Ld. Sto. Maynard, Thos., Sto. 1.
Meade, Leonard James, P.O. Meadows, Charles Stewart, P.O. Mears, Ezra, P.O. 1.
Meears, Alfred George, A.B.  Meggs, Claude Douglas, Shipw. 2.  Melia, William Edward James, Sto. 1.
Merrion, Sylvester, Boy 1  Micallef, John, Of. Std. 2.  Milburn, Thomas James, Sto. 1.
Millar, James, A.B. (R.N.V.R.) Milner, John William, Sto. 1. Minter, Alex. Robert, Sh. Std. Asst.
Mitchell, Albert John, Sto. 1.  Mitchell, Ernest, Sto. 1. Moody, Edward Ralph, P.O.
Morgan, John, A.B. (R.N.V.R.)  Morgan, Wm. John, A.B. R.N.V.R.) Morton, John, A.B.
Moyse, Wm. Philip, Ld. Sea.  Mulrooney, Edw. H. J., Bugler,
Mulvaney, William, Sto. 1.
Munden, Bert, Sto. 1. Nash, Alfred Nicholas, Ld. Sea. Nash, Arthur G., Pte. R.M.L.I.
Neish. Alexander, Sto. 1. Neville, Walter Edward, A.B. Neville, William Bronte, Ld. Sea.
Newbold, Charles, A.B. (R.N.V.R.) Newbury, Alfred Ernest, A.B. Nicholl, Robert, Boy 1.
Nicolson, Robert, A.B. Norris, Ernest Leonard, A.B. Offer, John Alfred, A.B.
Oldroyd, Joseph Edward, Sto. 1. Osborne, Frederick John, Ld. Sea. Osguthorpe, John Alfred, Boy 1.
O'Shea, James, A.B. Ostle, Joseph Daniel, Sto. 1.  Palmer, Benjamin, Boy 1.
 Palmer, Edmund, Ch. Sto. Palmer, Frederick. Wm., Ch. E.R.A. 1. Palmer, Robert Henry. E.R.A. 4.
Palmer, Thos. John Welch, Sto. 1. Parker, Charles Thomas Edward, Boy
Parr, James, Boy 1.
Parry, John Henry, Sto. 1. Parsons, Roland, W., Pte. R.M.L.I. Part, Frank Quarrell, E.R.A. 1.
 Paskin, Wm. George, Act. Ld. Sto. Pass, Sidney, Ord. Sea. Paul, Frank Ernest, Ch. Sh.
Cook. Pawley, George William, A.B. Payne, Horace, A.B. Peachey, William, Sto. R.N.R.
Pearce, George, Sto. 1. Pennington, Richard Arthur, Act.
E.R.A. 4.
Pennistone, Fredk. Chris., A.B.
 Penny, Fredk., P.O Penny, Fredk. C., Pte. R.M.L.I. Pentney, George, Sto. 1.
Perfect, Fredk. Geo., Ord. Sea. Phenna, William, Sto. R.N.R.  Phillips, Bertie, A.B.
Phillips, David, Ld. Sea.  Phillips, Fredk. W., Pte. R.M.L.I. Phipps, John Wm., Boy 1.
Pick, Walter, Pte. R.M.L.I.  Pickett, Sidney James, A.B.  Pigford, Ernest Lynn, A.B.
Pilcher, Harry George, A.B. Pinnock, George Edward, Boy 1. Piper, Albert George, C.P.O.
Pitt, George, Sto. R.N.R Plaskett, George Albert, Ch. Arm. Pointer, Fredk. Thomas, Sto. 1.
Polizzj, Achille, Bandsman.  Pollard, James Ernest, O.S. Porter, John, Elec. Art. 4.
Portoghese, Guiseppe, Bandsman. Portoghesi, Enrico, Bandsman. Powell, John Harold, O.S.
Power, Michael Joseph, Sto. 1. Pralle, Arthur Charles, Ld. Sto. Pratt, Arthur John, Sig. Boy.
Pratt, Percy Edes, Joiner. Preston, Francis George, O.S. Price, Albert William, O.S.
Price, Ernest Harold, A.B. Price, James Percival, Sto. 1. Price, William H., Pte. R.M.L.I.
Priddle, George Albert, Boy 1.  Priestley, Benjamin, O.S. Primmer, John. H., L.-Sergt. R.M.L.I.
Prince, James, Cpl. R.M.L.I. Prior, Charles Martin, Sto. 1. Priori, Archimede, Bandsman.
Proctor, Amos Atherton, Sto. 1. Prophet, Allan, Sto. 1. Piow, Edward Albert, Act. C.P.O.
Quaintance, Albert Victor, A.B. Quarterman. Arch. Geo., E.R.A. 4. Quintrell, Alf. Leslie, Wireman 2.
Raine, Robert, Sto. 2. Rason, John Charles, Cook's Mate. Ratcliffe, William Austin, Boy Tel.
Read, Albert Victor, A.B. Read, Henry W. C., Pte. R.M.L.I. Read, William. Henry, A.B.
  Reay, Richard Edward, Shipw. 2.  Renfrew, John Wilson, Sto. 1.  Rennie, Robert, Sto. 1.
Richards, Frederick James, Sto. 1. Richardson, Albert Edward, Sto. 1. Richardson, Arthur W., Sergt.
Richmond, Sidney Charles Augustus,
Rigler, Herbert Thomas, Plumber. Ritchie, James, A.B. (R.N.V.R.)
Robbins, John, A.B. (R.N.V.R.) Roberts, Leonard Albert, Sto. 1. Robertson, James, Sto. R.N.R.
Robertson, James Duthie, Sto. 1. Robertson, John Thomson, A.B. (R.N.V.R.) Robertson, Robt. P., Pte. R.M.L I.
Robinson, William G., Pte. R.M.L.I. Rodgers, James, A.B. (R.N.V.R.) Roe, James Parks. A.B.
Rooney, Thomas, Sto. R.N.R. Roots, William John, P.O. Rosmondo, Mattio. Bandsman.
Rowe, Jonathan, Sto. R.N.R. Rowlands, Robert Ernest, Boy 1. Ruff, John, Pte. R.M.L.I.
Rumney, Thomas Lancelot, Ld. Sea. Russell, Fred., Sto. R.N.R. Ryan, William, Sto. 1.
Rye, Francis William, Boy Tel. Saggers, John Martin, Sto. 1. Salmon, Victor, A.B.
Sample, John Williams, A.B. Sandell, Edward James. Boy 1. Sanders, Herbert, A.B. (R.N.V.R.)
Sanger, Frederick, Pte. R.M.L.I. Savage, Arthur Robert, A.B. Savage, John, Sto. 1.
Sawyer, Albert, P.O. Sawyer, Albert Edward, O.S. Scott, Ernest, Pte. R.M.L.I.
Scott, Robert, Ch. Sto. Scowen. Ernest William, A.B. Seal, Douglas, Boy Tel.
Shanks, James, Sto. R.N.R. Sharland, Cecil, O.S. Shaw, James, Sto. 1.
Shaw, Richard E., Pte. R.M.L.I. Shearman, Fred. Julian, Shipwright. Shearman, James, Sto. 2.
Shields, Neil, O.S. Silverson, Alfred John. Sto. 1. Simmonds, Walter Alfred, Ld. Sea.
Simmons, Geo. Fredk., A.B. Simmons, John, Sto. 1. Simpson, William Horace, A.B.
Skelton, William Henry, Sto. 1. Skyrme, Robert James, Sto. P.O. Slade, Thos. Edwin. A.B.
Slaymaker, Edwd. T., Cor. R.M.L.I. Smalley, Roland, Sto. 1. Smiley, George. A.B.
Smith, Bernard Samuel, Cook's M. Smith, Bertie, Sto. 1. Smith, Charles Philip, A.B.
Smith, Frederick Wm. Ord. Sea. Smith. George William Harcourt Avondale,
Act. Ld. Sto.
Smith, Hugh, Sto. 1.
Smith, Valentine, Pte. R.M.L.I. Smith, William J., Pte. R.M.L.I.. Smitten, Frank, A.B.
Snook, Bernard Frederick, Tel. Snow, Albert Edward, A.B. Soper, Robert Wilfred, A.B.
Spavound, George William, Ld Sto. Spearing, Samuel, Sto. 1. Spencer, Albert Edwin, Ld. Sea.
Spencer, Frank, Ld. Sig. Spiers, Matthew, Sto. 1. Stainer, Sidney Herbert. A.B.
Stansfield, John Robert, E.R.A. 3. Stanton. Thomas, Sto. 1.  Stares, Thomas, Ch. Sto.
Stephen. Thomas, Sto. 1. Stevens, George, Sto 1. Stevens, Reginald Alfred, S.B.A.
Stevenson, Frank, Boy 1. Stewart, William, A.B. Stickley, Walter, P.O
Stimpson, Sydney A., Pte. R.M.L.I. Stokes, Herbert Norman, Sto. 1. Stokes, William, Sto. 1.
Stone, Jarvis. Sto. 1. Stone, Reginald Charles., A.B. Stothard, Albert, Sto. 1.
Stout, Albert E., Col.-Sergt.
Straiten, John, Sto. R.N.R. Strano, Dorrenico, Bandsman.
Strickland, Frederick, E.R.A. 4. Stronach, Charles, Pte. R.M.L.I. Stuart, William. Pte. R.M.L.I.
Sturgess, Cyril, Sto. 2. Sturgess, Ernest, Sto 1 Sullivan, Fredk. Wm., S.B.S. 2.
Sumner, Alfred Horace, Sig. Sutherland, Wm., Sto. 1. Sutton, Frank Edward, A.B.
Swift, Ernest, A.B. Syme, William Forrest, Sto. 2.  Tagg, Albert Sidney, Sto. 1.
Talbot, Jack, Sto. 1. Tanner, alias Turner, Edwin, P.O. Tanner Joseph Harry, Mech.
Taplin, Alfred T., Pte. R.M.L.I.  Tapp, Herbert Samuel, Boy 1. Tapping, Bertie John, A.B.
Tarling, Sidney Alfred, Ch. Sto. Tawney, Cyril V., Bugler. R.M.L.I. Taylor, David, A.B.
Taylor, Fred., Sto. P.O. Taylor, Frederick, Sto. 1. Taylor, Fredk. George, Sto. 1.
Taylor, William Thomas, A.B. Tettmar, William Thomas, Sig. Thomas, Hilton. A.B. (R.N.V.R.)
Thomas, Reginald. A.B. (R.N.V.R.)  Thompson, Arthur Leonard. Ship's Cook  Thompson, Walter Chas.. Sto. 1.
Thorne, George Win., Ch. P.O. Tigwell, Frank. Boy 1. Tilbury, Lawrence A., Pte R.M.L.I.
Tilly, Evan Thomas, A.B. Tiltman, Albert, P.O. Tonks. Joseph, Sto. l.
Towills, George James, Ld. Sto. Townsend, Ernest John, A.B. Townsend, John Russell, Sig.
Trayhurn, George Henry, Sto. P.O. Trinder, Joseph, P.O. Tel. Tucker, Harry, Pie. R.M.L.I.
Turnbull. James, A.B. (R.N.V.R.)  Turner, Charles Ernest, Sto. 1. Turner, Henry W. W.. Pte. R.M.L.I.
 Ungaro. Luigi. Band Cpl.  Urso, Giovanni, Bandsman. Vane, Alfred Ernest, Painter 2.
Varndell, Wm. Alfred Geo. James,
Varney, Reg. Thomas, Boy 1. Vassallo, Lewis. Carpenter's Mate
Vause, Albert. Sto. 1. Vella, John, Of. Cook 1. Venns, Herbert Tames, A.B.
Verge, Thomas John, A.B. Verlander, Walter, A.B Vickery, Alexander Lrigh. A.B.
Viney, Bertie J., Cpl. R.M.L.I. Waddell, George E., A.B.
Walker, Edward Sam. Rich., Sto. 1.
Wall, Geo Norman. Ord. Sea. Walsh, Patt, Ld. Sea. Walters, Edwin John, Blacksmith's M.
Walton, Ernest, Sto. 1. Walton, William, A.B. Ward, Harry Percival, Sig.
Ward, James William, Ld. Sto. Ward, William Fredk., Ord. Sea. Waters, John Hall, Boy 1.
Watkins, Daniel, A.B. (R.N V.R.) Watson, William. Charles, Cook's Mate. Watts, Francis Edward, Sailmaker.
Wearn, Williams, Painter. Weaver, Leonard, Boy Tel. Webb, Fred. Charles, Boy Servant.
Webster, George, Sto. 1 Wells, Thomas Patrick, Sto. P.O. Welch, John, Ld. Sto.
Wescott, Samuel William George Armstrong, A.B. Westbrook Ernest Edwin, Sto. P.O. Weston, Moses, Boy 1.
Weyman, Frank Oliver, Cook's M. 2. Whayling, John Richard, Ld. Sto. Wheeler, Henry Joseph, Sto. 2.
White, Ernest Tom, Ld. Sto. White, Jeffery Howard, Ord. Sea. White, John M., Pte. R.M.L.I.
Whiting, Victor John, P.O. 1. Wilcox, Walter Henry. Sto. 1. Wilkes, John, A.B.
Wilkins, Fred. Wm., Ch. Elec. Art. 2. Williams, Albert George, Boy 1. Williams, Edward Charles, Ld. Sea.
Williams, Ernest Victor, Sto. P.O. Williams, Thomas, P.O. Williams, Tom, Act. E.R.A. 4.
Williams. Tom, P.O. Willows, Herbert Stanley, A.B. Wills, Arthur S., Pte. R.M.L.I.
Wills, Thomas Perry, A.B. Willson, Sydney Frank. Yeo. of Sig. Wilson, Francis A.. Pte. R.M.L.I.
Wilson, James Boyle, A.B (R.N.V.R.) Wilson, Percy James, A.B. Wilson, Ralph Henry Chas.. Boy 1.
Wilson, Robert Henry. E.R A 5 Wilson, William. Henry, Sto. 1. Winchester. Marshall James. Boy 1.
Wingham. George Cecil, A.B. Winkworth. Arthur Garfield. A B Wisewell, Walter Harry A.B.
Wishart, Henry Albert. Sto. 1. Withers, Archie, Sto. 1. Wood, Albert Edward. A.B.
Wood. Fredk. Chas., A.B. Wood, John William, Sto. R.N.R. Wood, Joseph, Sto. 1.
Wooller, Thomas Cameron, A.B Wormleighton, Sidney Charles, A.B. (R.N.V.R.) Worsfold. Fredk. John. Wireman 2.
Wragg, Thos., Sto. 1. Wren, Frank. Sto. P.O. Wren, John Wm., A.B. (R.N.V.R.)
Wright. Clarence Leonard. A.B. Wright, Edward Wm., P.O. Wyatt. Denis, A.B.
Yeates, Eric John, A.B. Young, Charles, Sto. P.O. Young, Charles Wakem, Shipw. 2.
Young, Leonard, Boy 1. end