Farrier - Major William James Hardham

4th New Zealand Contingent

28th January 1901
William James Hardham Vc

    The case of this non-commissioned officer is typical of the devotion shown by Englishmen to one another in times of peril, and is one of many instances that occurred during the Boer War. On January 28, 1901, Hardham was in command of a section which became engaged with one of the roving bands of the enemy who kept up for so many months a kind of " guerilla " warfare, and gave us so much trouble to stamp out. Our men were forced to retire, and, just before the movement commenced, Trooper McCrae was wounded, and his horse killed. Seeing the man's plight, Hardham rode to him under a most galling fire, dismounted, and, helping him on to his own horse, ran by his comrade's side until he had seen him out of danger. Received the Victoria Cross at the hands of H.M. the King, on July 1902, in London.

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