Private William Bees

1st Battalion, Derbyshire Regiment

30th September 1901
William Bees VC

   Bees was attached to one of the Maxim guns which suffered severely during the action at Moedwil, on September 30, 1901. Of the nine men serving the gun, six were hit and lay badly wounded. Unable to bear their cries for water any longer, Bees determined to try to procure some from a spruit about five hundred yards away in front of the gun, and held by the Boers. Under a raking fire he doggedly went forward and succeeded in filling a camp kettle, having during this devoted mission to pass—in going and returning within one hundred yards of some Boers posted behind rocks, and, though the vessel he carried was hit by several bullets, he contrived to reach his comrades and give them the relief they so sorely needed.


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