Sergeant Tom Lawrence

17th Lancers

7th August 1900

    On August 7, 1900, Sergeant Lawrence was on patrol duty with Private Hayman, when they were attacked by about fourteen of the enemy. Private Hayman's horse was hit, and in falling threw its rider, dislocating his shoulder. Lawrence went at once to his comrade's help, dragged him from under the wounded animal, set him on his own horse, telling him to ride towards the picket. He then took Hayman's carbine, and, with his own as well, kept the enemy at a distance until the wounded man was safely out of range, when he commenced to retire on foot, followed by the Boers for two miles, and keeping them off until he received assistance. The Victoria Cross, so nobly earned, was presented to Sergeant Lawrence by H.M. the King in London on August 12, 1902.


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