Lieutenant Llewellyn Alberic Emilius Price-Davies

King's Royal Rifle Corps

17th September 1901
Llewellyn Alberic Emilius Price Davies VC

   At Blood River Poort, on September 17, 1901, the Boers had overwhelmed the right of the British column, and some 400 of them galloped round the flank and rear of the guns, charged the drivers (who were trying to get the guns away), calling upon them to surrender. Lieutenant Price-Davies, hearing the order given to open fire upon the Boers, at once drew his revolver and dashed in among them, firing in a most gallant and desperate manner to save the guns. He was immediately shot and knocked off his horse, but happily was not mortally wounded, although he had ridden without hesitation to what seemed almost certain death.

Lieutenant Price-Davies, son of Lewis Richard Price-Davies, of Marrington Hall, Cherbury, Salop, was born on June 30, 1878 ; educated at Marlborough, and entered the Royal Rifles, February 23, 1898. Served in South Africa, as Adjutant to Smyth's Mounted Infantry, 1899-1902, receiving both medals, mention in despatches and four clasps. For his distinguished service in the earlier phase of the war, during which he was three times wounded, he was created a member of the D.S.O. Lord Kitchener presented him with the Victoria Cross at Pretoria, on June 8, 1902.


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