Leutenant John Peniston Milbanke, Bart.

10th (The Prince of Wales' Own) Hussars

5th January 1900
John Peniston Milbanke VC

    While on a reconnaissance near Colesberg, on January 5, 1900, a small patrol of the 10th Hussars were retiring, and the horse of one of the men was unable to keep up with the rest. Sir John Milbanke, although severely wounded, rode back to him, took him upon his own horse, and brought him back to the camp. The man he rescued was, at the time, close to a party of Boers who had galloped near, and, dismounted, were firing heavily on any one within range.

    Sir John Milbanke, son of Sir Peniston Milbanke, 9th Baronet, was born on October 9, 1872. After serving in the 3rd Royal Sussex Regiment for some years, entered the 10th Hussars, November 23, 1892, rising to Captain, April 17, 1900, while serving on the staff of Sir John French.



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