Private John Hutton Bisdee

Tasman Imperial Bushmen

1st September 1900
Private John Hutton Bisdee VC

    On September 1, 1900, Bisdee was one of the advanced scouts near Warm Bad (at the same time as Lieutenant Wylly (V.C.), who so gallantly distinguished himself on that occasion). As related in the account of that officer, the party were passing through a narrow gorge and were suddenly fired at by some Boers in ambush, six of the eight men being wounded, including Wylly and another officer. The horse of the latter was hit, and bolted, upon which Bisdee gave his stirrup-leather to his officer with the object of helping him out of action, but the latter's wounds being too severe to allow of his getting on in this fashion, Bisdee dismounted, placed him on the horse, mounted behind him, and helped him out of range of the Boers, who kept up a hot fire on the two men, both of whom were, during Bisdee's gallant act, in a very exposed place.

Private Bisdee is the son of the late Mr. J. Bisdee, of Hutton, Westonsuper-Mare.


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