Sergeant James Rogers

South African Constabulary

15th June 1901
    On June 15, 1901, Colonel Sitwell's column was operating near Thaba 'Nchu, and, during a skirmish, about sixty Boers suddenly attacked a small party of our rear-guard, consisting of Lieutenant F. Dickinson and seven of the South African Constabulary, among the latter being Sergeant Rogers. The officer's horse was shot, causing him to follow his men on foot, but Rogers, seeing this, returned to him, pulled him up on to his horse, and rode with him for over half a mile till cover was reached, firing continuously at the enemy. He then returned to within 400 yards of the enemy, and brought away, one after the other, two of his comrades whose horses were shot ; and, not content with saving these three lives, occupied himself with riding after two horses which had broken away riderless, brought them back, and helped two more of his comrades to mount them, thus being the means of saving five men by his own individual exertions. The fire of the enemy was very hot during all this time, and the Boers were so close that many called on him to surrender, to which he paid no heed but continued firing whenever possible.

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