Sergeant James Firth

 1st Battalion, The Duke of Wellington’s
 (West Riding Regiment).

24th February 1900
James Firth VC

    At Plewman's Farm, near Arundel, Cape Colony, February 24, 1900, Sergeant Firth gained the Victoria Cross for two acts of bravery and devotion. Lance-Corporal Blackman had been wounded and was lying in the open not more than five hundred yards from the enemy, who were keeping up a severe fire on all around. Firth, scorning the bullets aimed at him and his burden, carried the wounded man to cover. Shortly afterwards, 2nd Lieutenant J. H. B. Wilson fell dangerously wounded, and, in spite of the proximity of the Boers, who had advanced quite close to our firing line, Firth carried the officer over the crest of the ridge to shelter, receiving a bullet through the eye and nose while engaged in his humane task.

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