Driver Horace Henry Glasock

Q Battery Royal Horse Artillery

31st March 1900
Driver Horace Henry Glasock VC
    The episode of saving the guns at Korn Spruit on March 31, 1900, will rank in the annals of the British Army with the heroic act at " Maiwand," in the Afghan War, when James Collis and Patrick Mullane earned their Crosses so worthily. A full description of the Korn Spruit affair and the heroism displayed by Glasock, Parker, Lodge, and Major Phipps-Hornby, will be found in the record of the last named. The conduct of all concerned was so splendid that it was impossible to choose any individual as more worthy of the distinguished decoration than any of the others engaged, therefore the Commander - in - Chief decided to treat the case of the Battery as one of collective gallantry under Rule 13 of the Victoria Cross Warrant, and Driver Glasock was selected by the drivers of the Battery as the man they considered most deserving of the award.

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