Trooper Horace Edward Ramsden

Protectorate Regiment

26th December 1899
Horace Edward Ramsden VC
    On December 26, 1899, during the heavy fighting at Game Tree, near Mafeking, as described in the account of Sergeant Martineau, after the order to retire had been given, Trooper H. E. Ramsden took up his brother (Trooper A. E. Ramsden), who had been shot through both legs and was lying some ten yards only from the main Boer trench, and carried him for eight hundred yards under a heavy fire, putting him down from time to time to rest, till they met some men who helped to convey him to a place of safety.
    This is the second Victoria Cross awarded to a soldier for saving his own brother's life, the first having been awarded to Sir C. J. S. Gough.

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