Captain Harry Norton Schofield

Royal Field Artillery

15th December 1899
Captain Harry Norton Schofield VC

     The act for which Captain Schofield was awarded the Victoria Cross is given in greater detail in the record of Captain Congreve, together with whom and Lieutenant Roberts, Corporal Nurse and Captain Reed he made a heroic attempt to save the guns at Colenso, December 15, 1899.

   Born on January 29, 1865, Major Schofield entered the Royal Artillery February 15, 1884, becoming Captain February, 1893, and Major February, 1900. He was, in the first instance, gazetted to the Order for Distinguished Service, but, in the Gazette of August 30, 1901—nearly two years after his brave conduct at Colenso—the bronze Victoria Cross was substituted for that of the Gold Cross of the D.S.O.



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