Surgeon-Captain Arthur Martin Leake

South African Constabulary

8th February 1902
Surgeon-Captain Arthur Martin Leake VC

      At the action of Vlakfontein, February 8, 1902, this medical officer behaved with very great bravery, and devotion to the wounded, on many occasions. He went forward—into the fighting line—to the assistance of one of them, attending to him under a very heavy fire from about forty Boers, at a range of only 100 yards. Having done all he could for this man, he turned to an officer who had been severely wounded, and, in devoting his attention to him, was shot three times, and only ceased when, through sheer exhaustion, he was compelled to do so. Of the eight men at this point, every one was wounded, and when offered water to relieve his own sufferings, the doctor refused it until satisfied that all the others had been first served.

Leake was awarded a bar to his VC in WW1:

       " War Office, 18 Feb. 1915. Clasp to Victoria Cross. Lieutenant Arthur Martin Leake, Royal Army Medical Corps, who was awarded the Victoria Cross on 13 May, 1902, is granted a clasp for conspicuous bravery in the present campaign. For most conspicuous bravery and devotion to duty throughout the campaign, especially during the period 29 Oct. to 8 Nov. 1914, near Zonnebeke, in rescuing, whilst exposed to constant fire, a large number of the wounded who were lying close to the enemy's trenches."  [London Gazette, 18 Feb. 1915]


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