Sergeant- Major Alexander Young

Cape Police

13th August 1901
Alexanader Young VC

    The action of Ruiter's Kraal was fought on August 13, 1901, and several surrounding kopjes were held by small parties of Boers. Sergeant-Major Young and a small handful of men rushed one of these kopjes, which was held by Commandant Erasmus and about twenty Boers. On Young's party gaining the top, the enemy were seen galloping away to join their friends on another hill, and to prevent their doing so, Young dashed in pursuit, followed by his little band, whom he outstripped, coming up with the enemy fully fifty yards in advance of any of his men. He dashed among the Boers, shot one of them, and captured their Commandant, being fired at by the latter three times before he was able to take him prisoner.

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