Private Albert Edward Curtis

2nd Battalion, East Surrey Regiment

23rd February 1900

   At Onderbank Spruit, on February 23, 1900, Colonel R. H. W. H. Harris, C.B., was severely wounded, and lay during the whole day in an exposed position, and under a heavy fire from the Boers posted behind a breastwork at short range. They fired at any one who gave any sign of life, and Colonel Harris was hit eight or nine times. Curtis made several ineffectual attempts  to reach the wounded officer, and at last succeeded in doing so. Notwithstanding the fire directed upon him, Curtis attended to the Colonel's wounds, gave him a drink from his flask and endeavoured to carry him to shelter. Finding he was not equal to the task, he called for help, upon which Private Morton immediately dashed out, and in spite of the Colonel's entreaties to them to leave him and not risk their lives, the two men succeeded in carrying him to cover.

The Victoria Cross was presented to him at Pietermaritzburg on August 14, 1901, by H.R.H. the Duke of York.


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