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To the memory of

Arthur Edward Dawson
of HMS Marlborough
Died June 4th 1862 Aged 18

He fell from aloft in the execution of his duty

What recks he now, can he feel the rays
this sultry sun sheds o'er him
or share the grief that may cloud the days
of the friends who now deplore him

No; his barks at anchor her sails are furled
escap'd the storms deep chiding
and safe from buffeting wave of the world
in a haven of rest is riding


In Memory of


the wife of
John M. Lindsey
Depy. Assist. Commy GenL.
Who died at Argostoli on the
7th August 1861
Aged 27 Years and 11 Months

[Depy. Assist. Commy GenL. = Deputy Assistant Commissariat General ]


To the Memory of

Pte John Anderson 19th Reg
who departed this life on the 11th Decr. 1843
in the 30th year of his age

This stone was erected by the non-comd. officers & men of his Compy. as a small tribute of respect to their deceased comrade

O Jesus may we ever live
 from sin and sorrow free
Then let us ever die to sin
And ever live to thee


Sacred to the memory of

William Wakeham
Private Royal Marine Light Infantry
of H.M.S. London
who departed this life on
the 25th December 1860 in his
20th Year

this stone was erected by his messmates by
whom he was well beloved
Man that is born of a woman is of few days
he cometh forth like a flower and is cut down
he fleeth also as a shadow and continueth not.


Sacred to the memory of

Pte. Alexander Stewart
A native of Edinburgh
of Bt Major F. G. Urquhart's Company
2nd Battn. 1st or Royal Regiment
who departed this life
on the 13th April 1853
Aged 24 years
May he rest in peace Amen

This stone has been erected by the
Light Company
as a token of esteem for their
much lamented comrade


Sacred to the memory of

Pte. Wm. Balaam
68th Light Infantry
who departed this life on the
7th July 1857

Aged 30 years

This Stone was erected by his
Comrade Servants as a token of
their esteem and respects.


To The Memory of

Sarah Jeffs
Wife of
Serjt. Major
J. Jeffs
2nd Batt. 4th Reg.
Who departed this Life on
10th February 1862
Age 53 Years and 3 Months

Lord to thee do I commend my Sprit
Lord pardon is my every hope
Oh God in thee do I rely.


Sacred to the Memory of

Private George Rolfe
No 1 Company
2nd Battalion 2nd (Queens Royal ) Reg.
Died of Fever at Argostoli on the
16th October 1860
aged 22 years

Much lamented by his beloved brother and also his comrades
Life is Short.
This Tablet was erected by his comrades
as a token of respect


To the memory

Serjt. Thos Haverty
19th Regt of Foot
21st May 1843
Aged 33 years

This Stone is erected by the Serjeants of the Regiment as a token of their esteem for one who for a period of 16 years zealously discharged his duty to his duty to his Country 12 of which he was a non-commissioned officer.



Sacred to the memory of

Pte. G. A. Tuthill
No. 6 Compy. 1st Battn. 9th Regt.
Who departed this Life
13th September 1863
Aged 33 years

[only the top part the stone remains
 the rest is broken into bits]


Sacred to the memory of

Amelia Evans

Wife of W. Evans Colr. Serjt.
2nd Bttn. Rifle Bde.
who departed this life the
14th January 1836
Aged 19 years



Sacred to the memory of

George infant son of
Geoe (& Hannh) Burridge
Cr. Sergt. 76th Regt.
Born 16th Novr. 1848
Died 23rd July 1849

Can we weep to see the tears
Wiped forever from his eyes.
Sacred to the memory of

Frances Mary daughter of
Robt. (& Charlotte) Young
Cr. Sergt. 76th Regt.
Born 12th Novr. 1848
Died 11th June 1849

To the memory of

Sergeant David Goudie
of the 91st Regt.

Having served as mess man and butler to the officers of the regt for many years the faithful discharge of his arduous responsible duties has secured their esteem and   his honest worth was acknowledged by all his comrades

No further seek his merles to disclose
Or draw his frailties from their dread abode
There they alike in trembling hope repose
the bosom of his father and his God.

Elizabeth his widow
places this stone over his grave
as a record of her grief.
He died here on

22nd Novr. 1837 aged 36
In Loving memory of

Sarah Belle Graham.
who died
September 22nd 1938
Margaret Graham
Died January 26 1944
We loved her so but Christ
loved her better

not lost but gone before
Erected by the Serjeants of the
2nd Battn. the Royal Regiment
to the memory of

Serjt. Richard Piper
who departed this life
on the 16th Sept 1854 age 32 years
deeply lamented by his wife
 and Comrades

here lies also his child
Who died 23rd Sept 1854
age 16 months

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