Croix de Guerre Vichy

Instituted 28th March 1941 by the Vichy Government. This award was terminated 7 January 1944. The medal has a similar award criteria to the 1914- 18 version. Ribbon; green with black edges and five black vertical stripes.
Several versions of the cross exist:
1. dated 1939-1940 with a flat topped "3" (official - illustrated)
2. dated 1939-1940 with a round topped "3" (official)
3. dated 1941
4. dated 1942
5. dated 1943
6. dated 1944
7. dated 1944, with obverse "la Republique" and legend replaced with the Francisque and the legend; ETAT FRANCAIS.
8. variants with with a double ring type suspension can also be found.

Another distinctive cross ( "Croix de Guerre LVF" ) was produced for award to the French who volunteered to serve with the Nazi German Wehrmacht  ( as the Légion des Volontaires Français LVF ) These units fought side by side with the Nazis against the Russians on the eastern front and in anti-partisan operations in eastern Europe.
The medal; bears the legion eagle on the obverse surrounded by a wreath, and the legend CROIX DE GUERRE LEGIONNAIRE on the reverse.  These men were subject to severe reprisals immediately after the war, and the cross obviously became illegal. Copies of the cross exist, original examples are rare.



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