Order of the Academic Palms.
Ordre des Palmes Académiques.

    Created in 1808 by Napoleon to reward services to the Universities and Academies. Later decrees broadened  the award to 'teaching and the development of knowledge' which included  teachers, researchers, scientists, historians etc. This decoration did not become an 'order' proper until 4th October 1955

    General description: a pair of curved fretwork palm and laurel braches (or pair of palms) opposed and overlapping top and bottom. In silver or gold finish with violet enamel highlights. (see table below for more detail)
    Ribbon; Violet, 37mm wide initially, later issues 32mm.
Date / notes design division / class construction
1808 - 1866 curved overlapping palm  and olive branch, or two palm branches. Officers of the Universities gold embroidered cloth badge
 silver embroidered cloth badge
Officers of the Academies  blue and white silk embroidered cloth badge
1866 - 1955 curved overlapping palm and olive branch. Officer de l'instruction Publique Gold finish violet enamel  badge, rosette on the ribbon
Officer d'academie Silver finish  violet enamel  badge.
(illustrated below)
1955  ( officially became an 'Order' - described as a decoration prior to this date) two curved, overlapping palm branches Commandeur / Commander Badge of the order in gold finish with violet enamels, wreath integrated into the suspension & worn around the neck.
Officier / Officer gold finish violet enamel  badge with rosette on the ribbon
Chevalier / Knight silver finish violet enamel  badge.




 Order of the Academic Palms

Ordre des Palmes Académiques

Above pre 1955 ' Officer d'academie ' type.


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