Mexico Expedition Medal 1862 - 1863
Médaille de l'expédition du Mexique. 1862 - 1863

Instituted  29th August 1863, and awarded to members of the French expedition to Mexico.
Official Version:  30mm diameter, silver. Obverse bust of Napoleon III, and signed BARRE. Reverse inscription: "Expedition du Mexique 1862-1863" surrounding the battle honours "Cumbres, Cerro-Borrego, Puebla, Mexico." with the anchor mint mark under. The spectacular ribbon depicts a St Andrew style cross in red an green with the Mexican eagle superimposed, grasping a green snake. (note: this motif is embroidered on both sides of the ribbon. )
 Another five versions of this medal exist; signed (1)"SACRISTAIN" (2) "EF" (Farochon) (3)"E.FALOT" (4) unsigned version. A fifth striking was produced in 1963 as a commemorative of the famous foreign legion action at Camerone (Hacienda Camarón 30th April 1863). 300 of these produced on a thicker flan in silver plated bronze.
 Camerone was the action which demonstrated to the world the fighting prowess of the French Foreign Legion, - 65 officers and men, led by Captain Danjou put up a ferocious defence during repeated attacks by 3 battalions of Mexican Infantry. Fighting almost to the last man, the Mexican commander summed them up: "these are not men, they are devils" 


French Mexico Expedition Medal



An Officer of the 16th wearing his Mexico Expedition Medal.



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