Morocco Medal 1909
Medaille du Maroc

Instituted 22nd July 1909 for award to military (and some civilian) personnel who had taken part in the pacification of the French Colony of Morocco.
A silver medal of 30mm diameter, the obverse depicting the helmeted figure of "la Repubique" with the engravers signature "Georges Lemaire" at 8 o'clock. The reverse depicts a fort, flags, gun and an anchor, under the inscription "MAROC". The medal has an attractive ornate suspension formed from olive palms and a crescent moon. Four bars were issued in the oriental or ornate style; "CASABLANCA", "OUDJDA", "HAUT-GUIR", and later the fourth "MAROC"


Morocco Medal, bars Maroc and Oudjda


Maroc Medaille 1909

French Morocco Medal 1909


Note the  Monnaie of Paris manufacturers marks (hallmarks) two cornucopias with a numeral "1" between. - The number "1" was the period silver assay mark for a .900 silver minimum  - These are positioned at about 4 o'clock near the edge on the reverse.


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