The Madagascar Medal  ( 2nd  Expedition 1895 )
Medaille de Madagascar ( 2ème Expedition 1895 )

Instituted on the 15th January 1896 for award to the the soldiers and sailors of the second French expeditionary force to Madagascar, who served between 8th December 1894 and 31st October 1896.  A silver medal of 30mm diameter, the obverse depicts the figure of la Republique wearing an ornate winged visor helmet. The engravers signature " O. Roty " is in the bottom left quadrant. The reverse shows the inscription " Madagascar" over a trophy of arms with the date " 1895 " under. The medal was always issued with its distinctive silver 1895 date bar. Ribbon: horizontal stripes of equal widths of light blue and green.
The 15 thousand strong expedition's goal was the pacification of the island which took a year to complete and was notable for the large number of casualties due to sickness and disease.  




4th and 5th picture show the matching "cornucopia ARGENT" Poinçons ( hallmarks ) on the rim of the medal and the reverse of the bar.

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