The Madagascar Medal  1st Expedition 1883-1886
Medaille de Madagascar 1ère Expedition 1883-1886

Instituted 31st July 1886 for award to participants of the first expedition to Madagascar. A silver medal, 30 mm diameter, the obverse depicting la Republique wearing a winged helmet. The engravers signature "Daniel Dupuis" is at 5 o'clock. Reverse; a  radiant star over "MADAGASCAR" with  flags and anchor under, and the dates 1883 - 1886. Several versions exist - (1)commonly referred to as the 1st type with oval suspension (illustrated) . (2) The second type has a ball suspension. (3) A private manufacture version exists with a cylinder shaped suspension, and lacking the mint marks. (4) A scarce striking in bronze. In our type one example below the reverse mintmarks are a cornucopia and  faisceau des licteurs, which are for Monnaie of Paris and their resident engraver General (see under the "M" and "R")



french madagascar medal 1883



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