The Syria - Cilicia and Levant Medal
Medaille de Syrie - Cilicie et du Levant

Instituted on the 18th July 1922 for award to the French forces that had taken part in military operations in Syria and Cilicia  - Territories which pre 1918 had been part of the Ottoman Empire, but with the defeat of the Turks control had passed to France. Interestingly the medal was resurrected in WW2 (by then obsolete) by both the Vichy (with the issue of a bar) and the Free French Forces 1  (as the Levant Medal ) for service in the area.

A bronze medal of 30mm diameter 2, the obverse depicting the helmeted figure of "la Repubique" with the engravers signature "Georges Lemaire" at 8 o'clock. The reverse depicts a fort, flags, gun and an anchor, one of the flags is inscribed "HONNEUR ET PATRIE / SYRIE / CILICIE" - all under the inscription "LEVANT" at 12 o'clock. The suspension is formed from palm leaves and a crescent moon.

bars issued ( all in the ornate, or "eastern" style ):

LEVANT    (a bronze bar, for service between 11th November 1918 and the 20th October  1921)
LEVANT 1925 - 1926 
(a gilt bar, for service between 21st July 1925 and the 30th September  1926)
LEVANT 1925-26 (variant of above)
LEVANT 1941  
(Vichy, bar in silver)

Ribbon; white and pale blue horizontal stripes.

1. Manufactured in the United Kingdom by Gaunt.
2. A larger variant is also encountered, 36mm diameter.



levant medal



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