The Italian Campaign Medal 1943-1944
Medaille de la Campagne d'Italie 1943-1944

Instituted on the 1st April 1953 for award to members of the French Expeditionary Corps to Italy, 1943-44. Half the strength of this expeditionary force were composed of colonial troops, Moroccans, Algerians and Tunisians, and were a formidable and successful fighting force.
  The medal; 36 mm diameter silver plated bronze. The obverse depicts the Gallic coq within a laurel wreath surrounded by the inscription; CORPS EXPEDITIONNAIRE FRANCAIS D'ITALIE 1943-1944. Reverse bears the inscription CEF REPUBLIQUE FRANCAISE within a laurel wreath. The ribbon; seven red and six white vertical stripes.




French Italian Campaign Medal Medaille de la Campagne d'Italie 1943-1944
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