The Commemorative Medal for the Indochina Campaign
Medaille Commemorative de la Campagne d'Indochine.

Instituted 1st August 1953 for award to French and French Colonial troops with 3 months or more service in the Indochina theatre of operations between 16th August 1945 and 27th July 1954.
The Medal: Bronze 36mm diameter, obverse;  a seven headed cobra under a tablet inscribed INDOCHINE supporting the three headed Erawan, surrounded by REPUBLIQUE FRANCAISE. Reverse; a laurel and oak wreath surrounded by the inscription CORPS EXPEDITIONNAIRE FRANCAIS D'EXTREME-ORIENT. The medal suspension is in the form of an eastern dragon. Ribbon; green edged with four yellow and three green vertical stripes. The official version of the medal is shown here, locally produced, cruder versions exist which are a little scarcer to find (and hence higher priced).




First Indochina War Medal


Medaille Indochine

Indochina Medal


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