Vincere Scis
Latin "you know how to win"…. This is also the beginning of the famous Latin phrase quoting one of Hannibal's Generals when he stated: "Vincere scis Hannibal victoria uti nescis"…meaning "you know how to win, Hannibal; you do not know how to use victory"



Gembloux Medal 1940

    Created in April 1956 by the council of the Belgian town of Gembloux to commemorate the halting of the German 16th Panzer Corps between the dates 14th - 16th May 1940 in the "Gembloux Gap". The Moroccan Division and the 15th Infantry Division were the main participants.

Description; a Geneva cross 40mm wide in matt bronze finish. The cross is overlain by an oak and laurel wreath which also in-fills the space between the arms. Obverse: A dagger or bayonet overlain by a Moroccan star, plunged into a broken swastika, with the words VINCERE SCIS N across the horizontal arms. Reverse bears the inscription 14-16 MAI GEMBLOUX 1940.

Ribbon; white with a central black stripe, and edge stripes of the Belgian Tricolour.

Gembloux Medal  Ribbon





Gembloux Medal 1940

Gembloux Medal



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