French Medal for Operations in Korea (1952)
Medaille Francaise des Operations en Coree (1952)

    Instituted 8th January 1952 for award to the French Battalion deployed for land operations during the Korean War, and to the Navy personnel serving  in the French Frigate "La Grandière".  The total French deployment numbered 3421,  and they suffered 48% casualties.
    The Medal; bronze, 36mm diameter. Obverse; a central eight lobed circular motif containing the symbols of the Korean flag ( T’aegukki ) this is mounted on a flaming torch. Surrounding are the familiar UN crossed olive branch symbols. The reverse bears the inscription "REPUBLIQUE FRANCAISE / MEDAILLE COMMEMORATIVE FRANCAISE DES OPERATIONS DE L'ORGANISATION DES NATIONS UNIES EN COREE". The medal suspension is in the form of a pagoda roof.

Ribbon: the central area of the ribbon is a white stripe bounded by pale blue stripes - the UN colours. At each edge are the (narrower) stripes of the French Tricolour.


French Korea Medal

 medaille Coree

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