The Franco-Prussian War Medal 1870-1871.
(Medaille de 1870-1871)

    Instituted  in November 1911 for award to those with service in the Franco-Prussian War, July 1870 to February 1871. The medal was awarded to participants who held the combatants certificate, of which it is believed 150,000 existed.

Description:  bronze medal, obverse depicts the helmeted effigy of 'la Republique', and in the lower left quadrant the designers signature "Georges Lemaire". Reverse shows (below the dates 1870-1871) a trophy of arms with Flag, and a tablet inscribed "Aux Defenseurs de la Patrie." Three types exist: 30 mm diameter, a larger version at 36 mm, and an uncommon silver variant. A ribbon bar is found for men who voluntarily enlisted, inscribed "Engage Volontaire" .
Ribbon: green with four black vertical stripes.






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