Cross for Military Valour
Croix de la Valeur Militaire

     This cross was instituted 12th October 1956 and replaced the Medal for Military Valour1 ( Medaille de Valeur Militaire) which itself had only came into existence 6 months earlier. The cross (and the earlier medal) were awarded for Mentions in dispatches initially for service in North Africa2 ( Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco) with a similar award criteria as the Croix de Guerre (see TOE, 14 -18 and 39 - 45 types) and the same ribbon emblem scheme, but with the geographical limits previously mentioned. In reality most of the "North African" crosses were awarded for service in Algeria3 since French involvement in Morocco and Tunisia had drawn to a close by the time of the institution of the cross.
    Description: The cross design and size are similar to the Croix de Combattant - apart from the variant effigy of la Republique on the obverse and the reverse inscription which reads " CROIX DE LA VALEUR MILITAIRE."

Ribbon; red with a three white stripes - two thin stripes near the edges and a wider central one.

1. the short lived initial circular medal version is quite scarce.
2. various later decrees have gradually extended the award to Mauritania, Chad, Zaire, Lebanon, Former Yugoslavia and the Gulf.
3. i.e. the  French-Algerian War AKA The Algerian War of Independence





Croix de la valeur militaire

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