Croix du Combattant
Cross of the Combatant

    Instituted 28th June 1930 for award to holders of the combatants card. Awarded to the veterans of the Great War and  many of the participants of conflicts involving French forces since (including WW2, Korea, Indochina, North Africa, etc).
    In 1941 the Vichy Government authorised a new version of the Combatants Cross with the dates 1939-1940 on the reverse (last picture). The ribbon for the Vichy version was sky blue with black edges and three black central stripes. Wearing of the Vichy Combatants Cross was outlawed in 1944.

    Description: obverse; a central medallion depicting la Republique with the inscription Republique Francaise surrounded by a wreath, the whole integrated into a cross pattée. Reverse medallion depicts a radiant sword and the inscription CROIX DU COMBATTANT.

  Ribbon: light blue with 7 red stripes.


combatant cross

croix du combattant

vichy croix du combattant


Above: the Vichy Croix du Combattant reverse.

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