Croix de Guerre TOE
Théâtres d'Opérations Extérieurs
(War Cross for External Theatres of Operations)

Created on the 30th April 1921, for award to members of the French Forces who were mentioned in dispatches. A similar award to the Croix De Guerre 1914- 1918 (with the same ribbon devices) but for the post war period and service outside of France. The first period of award 11th Nov 1918 - 1939 included  campaigns in Levant and service against Abd-El Krim, (Morocco 1925-26) The second period of award (post -1945  ) included Campaigns in Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Korea.


Croix de Guerre TOE obverse

croix de guerre TOE reverse


Croix De Guerre TOE Detail

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