China Medal 1900 - 1901
Medaille Commemorative de Chine 1900 - 1901

Instituted on the 15th April 1902 for award to the French  military (and some civilians) who participated in the suppression of the Boxer rebellion as part of the "eight nation alliance". (The campaign is summarised below, Wikipedia link.)
The medal: 30mm diameter in silver, the obverse shows the head of la Republique in tropical helmet and the legend "Republique Francaise". The engravers signature , Georges Lemaire is at five o'clock. The reverse depicts crossed canons, anchor and flag, all in front of a Chinese pagoda, with the surrounding inscription " CHINE 1900 - 1901 " .The ornate suspension is modelled on two Chinese dragons. A decorative bar "1900 CHINE 1901" is worn on the ribbon.  - The Ribbon; same as the Tonkin Medal, yellow with four green stripes.


French China Medal 1900 - 1901




Medaille Commemorative de Chine 1900- 1901

French China Boxer medal 1900 1901


Below: some hallmarks associated with this medal.


Monnaie of Paris


Above, the usual Monnaie of Paris cornucopia mint marks and the silver stamp "argent" on the medal rim.

Oval shaped hallmark on the bar face; two cornucopias over the silver minimum mark .925
 (i.e. minimum metal composition 92.5% silver)
french hallmarks
The French "small guarantee" hallmark of the period; Minerva's head. Also the standard lozenge shaped  manufacturers mark here containing the cornucopia and the initials M. P. for Monnaie of Paris. (on the reverse strap of the bar.)


above; again  two cornucopias for Monnaie of Paris (on the bar reverse)

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