The Belgian Red Cross
Croix-Rouge de Belgique

     Info required! any information on the award criteria of the following Belgian Red Cross awards greatly appreciated.


Red Cross International Volunteer's Cross.


Red Cross International Volunteer's Cross. (illustrated above)

     Award Criteria ??? Classes???

    Description: A bath cross with the arms infilled with black enamel. Suspension by means of a pivoting crown and ring. Obverse; the medallion has a central red cross emblem on a white enamel background, this within a circlet inscribed "VOLONTAIRES INTERNATIONAUX DE LA CROIX ROUGE - BELGIQUE -". Reverse; a pebbled central medallion inscribed HUMANITE  DEVOUEMENT.

Ribbon; 37mm wide. Black 20mm central stripe flanked by 7mm wide red stripes with1½ mm white edge stripes.



Belgian Order of the Red Cross

Red Cross 'Order'  1880-WW2 (illustrated above)

     Award criteria???
Produced in two classes 1st class gilt, 2nd class silver finish.

    Description: A red enamel cross patonce 37mm wide with an oak wreath set within the arms. Obverse: A vertically elongate oval central medallion in red enamel bears the Belgian lion, with in turn has the red cross emblem on a small white shield superimposed.  Reverse similar, but with a plain central medallion in gilt or silver (suitable for engraving of the recipients details)

    Ribbon: 37 mm wide with a12mm wide red central stripe for the 1st class award, or with two narrow red central stripes for the 2nd class award ( in practice1st class ribbon appears to be used for both types)

Palms of the Red Cross 1940-45  Palmes Croix Rouge Belgique

Palms of the Red Cross 1940-45 (illustrated above)

   Award criteria???

    Description: A gilding metal pin-back badge of 60mm max height, which is in the form of an openwork crowned pair of vertically elongate palms. These support the red cross symbol (Greek cross)  in the centre, which bears the dates '1940 -1945' across the horizontal arms.

under construction below.

awaiting image

awaiting image

Croix d'Honour 1940 - 1945


awaiting image

awaiting image

Blood Donor Badge & Medal

A circular bronze 'pelican' badge for 25 - 40 donations
A bronze medal for 40-60 donations
A silver medal for 60-80 donations

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