Order of Leopold I
Ordre de Leopold I

      Instituted on the 11th July 1832 by King Leopold I to reward services rendered to the Fatherland. Administered by the Foreign Ministry, the Order has three divisions; Civil, Military and Maritime. Each division has five classes:  Grand Cordon, Grand Officer, Commander, Officer and Knight. The order can be awarded to military officers for gallantry in the field, meritorious and long service.  It is also awarded to NCO's, other ranks and civilians for war services.
    The badge of the order is an oak and laurel wreathed, white enamelled Maltese cross, in a gold finish. Knights -the 5th class, is found in a silver finish. Obverse: a central medallion depicting the Belgian lion on a black enamel background, surrounded by the French/Flemish motto1 L'UNION FAIT LA FORCE * EENDRACHT MAAKT MACHT on a red enamel background. Reverse: an ornate mirrored royal cypher  "LR" on the black enamel centre of the medallion , within a wealth in a red enamel surround. Crossed swords are incorporated into the design beneath the crown on the Military issue, and crossed Anchors on the Maritime version.
Ribbon: plain magenta.
1. Translates to "Unity makes Strong." also found in French only.
Our illustration; Military, Knights badge, "French and Flemish" motto type.


Ordre de Leopold I


Order of Leopold I

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