City Receives French Honour.
Liege was awarded the Legion of Honour by France in 1914 for the defence.


Liege Medal 1914
Medaille de Liège

     In August 1914, in the face of overwhelming German superiority, the Belgian army mounted a heroic defence of the city of Liege.  The German war machine enacting its Schlieffen plan with a rapid drive through Belgium to strike Paris and take France had met its first obstacle.  The delay the tenacious Belgian army caused was absolutely crucial, allowing precious time for the British Expeditionary Force to swing into position.
   This Commemorative medal for award to the 1914 defenders was struck by the City of Liège in 1920 - it is classed as unofficial but its wearing was tolerated by the Belgian authorities.
   Description: Bronze circular 34mm diameter, the rim formed into a thickened wreath design. The obverse depicts the upper section of the Liège City monument the "Perron"  with a French Legion of Honour N in the background. The obverse inscription reads: LA VILLE DE LIEGE A SES VAILLANTS DEFENSUERS 1914 (The town of Liège to her valiant defenders.) The reverse depicts a shattered Liege fort overlooking a river valley with gallant defenders still fighting among the dead and wounded.

Ribbon: the Liege city colours; half red half yellow.

Liège Great Battles of the Great War.
The Battle of Liège, Belgium August, 1914



Belgian Liege medal 1914

Belgium Liege Medal 1914

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