Escaper's Cross
Croix des Evades

     Instituted  25th February 1944 by the exiled Belgian Government in London. Awarded to those who had escaped from the enemy occupied territories or Germany itself and then subsequently served again in a patriotic fashion in the war effort. This service would for the majority of recipients be covert information gathering, resistance and general clandestine activities in the allied cause. The medal could also be awarded for 3 months imprisonment by the enemy if the incarceration was for their patriotism to Belgium, and also to escaped POW's  who continued to demonstrate their patriotism.
    A further decree of 14th July 1944 (given more detail by another of the 22nd December 1945) added more escapees:- Those who had escaped to the United Kingdom from unoccupied territory during the Dunkirk evacuations 28th May - 2nd June 1940; or had left France or French North Africa prior to 1st November 1940 were now included.

  Description:  A 39mm wide straight armed cross pattee in bronze, with the angles between the arms infilled with rays. Suspension is by a ball and ring. Obverse medallion is a French shield bearing the Belgian lion. The reverse is plain.

  Ribbon : green with three black stripes, centre stripe double the width of the others.


Croix des Evades


Belgium Escaper's Cross

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