Deportees Cross 1914 - 1918
Croix des Deportes 1914 - 1918

     Instituted 27th November 1922 for award to those deported to Germany for refusing to submit to forced labour ordered by the occupying forces. Interestingly men of military service age were not entitled to the medal unless they had shown a notable act of patriotism during their deportation. Also the cross was not awarded posthumously, instead those deportees that died received the Knights class Order of Leopold II  with a gold embroidered central stripe to the ribbon.

   Description: 34.5mm wide bronze Maltese cross with a ring suspension, the dates 1914 and 1918 are on the horizontal arms. Obverse and reverse are the same.

Ribbon Crimson red with narrow chevron stripes of the national colours; red, yellow and black.



Deportees Cross 1914 - 1918 Belgium

Croix des Deportes 1914 - 1918

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