Civil Decoration 1914- 1918 (Cross)
Decoration Civique 1914- 1918 ( Croix)  

     For award to civilians and non-combatants who served there country with distinction during the war.
Initially established 18th May 1915 as the "Civil Decoration 1914 - 1915" later revised to the "Civil Decoration 1914 - 1918". The award had five classes resulting in two crosses, gold and silver, and three medals, gold, silver and bronze.
The Crosses: A white enamelled bath cross with crossed swords between the arms, the central medallion bears the King Albert "A" monogram both obverse and reverse, the first class cross with a gold finish - the second with silver. The crosses have a date bar (in a matching  finish) "1914 - 1918"
Ribbon: pale green with red, yellow and black edge stripes and a central gold embroidered stripe.


belgium civil decoration 1914 - 1918


Decoration Civique 1914- 1918 ( Croix)  

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