The Centenary of National  Independence Commemorative Medal. (1930)
Medaille Commemorative du Centenaire de  l'Independence National (1930)

     Instituted 20th July 1930 by the King, primarily as a commemorative of the centenary of Belgian independence, but also to celebrate the 20th anniversary of his accession to the throne. This medal was awarded for 20 years good and faithful service to the country, at least part of which would have been in the reign of King Albert. Entitlement would be automatic to those who had been awarded  the Civic Decoration, or the Military Decoration, and completed 20 years service. The period considered for entitlement would be that prior to the 1st January, 1931.
   Service prior to 1st January 1906 would not be considered if it had already been successfully counted towards entitlement for the Commemorative Medal of King Leopold II.
   Ex-servicemen of the Great War were allowed to add one year for an army mention in dispatches, and one year for the award of the Croix de Guerre with palm, or additional palm for long service at the front. Six months would also be added for each front line service chevron. ( i.e. service at the front counting double.)
   Changes to the criteria for the Civic Decoration in 1932 also made more civilians in public administration eligible for the Independence Commemorative. A decree of 31st January 1933 further extended it to civil servants in the African colonies.
   Allegedly a number of medals were allocated to the committees of several charitable organisations such as the Red Cross, for distribution within their organisations.
   Our friend Quinot has (again) something to say about the award of this medal in relation to the 1914 - 18 conflict ; Civilians (meaning civil servants who qualified via long service)  who spent the war at home in their 'slippers' were basically given this medal, yet the fighting men of 14-18,  'who has left their bones and spilt their blood from Liege to the Yser'  did not qualify (except  for a tiny minority). He goes on to remark that had it not been for the Belgian soldier then Belgium would have ceased to exist and there would have been no need for a centenary medal anyway ! 

     Description: silver plated bronze, of horizontally elongate octagonal form, 29 mm high by 32 mm wide. The rim of the medal is moulded into a picture frame effect, with a crown and suspension ring on the top. Obverse: The three overlapping busts of the three monarchs of Belgium; Leopold, Leopold II and Albert. Reverse: an oak and laurel wreath with the dates 1830 1930 superimposed.

     Ribbon: White, with narrow Belgian tricolour stripes at the edges.



The Centenary of National  Independence Commemorative Medal. (1930)

Medaille Commemorative du Centenaire de  l'Independence National (1930)


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