African War Medal 1940 - 1945
Medaille Africaine de la Guerre 1940 - 1945

    The African War Medal (or more accurately "The African Medal of the War 1940-45" ) was created by royal decree of the 30th January 1947 together with the Abyssinia Medal.  Awarded to Belgian & colonial military personnel with a minimum of twelve months service service on the continent during the period 10th May 1940 to the 7th May 1945. Four ribbon bars were issued as follows:

Bar Qualifying service
Nigerie Three months service in Nigeria
Moyen-Orient (Middle-East) Six months service, Egypt, Palestine, North Africa, Tripolitaine, Sudan
Madagascar One month service in Madagascar
Birmanie Three months service in Burma
Service in a relevant theatre cut short by death or wounds, or the award of a decoration or mention in dispatches would automatically qualify.

Description; in bronze, 31mm wide by 45 mm high and generally rectangular in shape, with a truncated triangular top and a curved base. Obverse, within a recess, the left facing overlapping profiles of the head of a European and an African soldier, with the dates 1940 - 1945 under. Reverse is plain.


Ribbon; pale blue with three yellow stripes, the central stripe double the width of the other two.



African War Medal 1940 - 1945


Medaille Africaine de la Guerre 1940 - 1945



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