The Commemorative Medal of the Abyssinian Campaign 1941.
Medaille Commemorative de la Campagne d'Abyssinie 1941.

     Created by royal decree on the 30th January 1947 for award to the military personnel involved in the campaign in Abyssinia between the 6th March and the 3rd July 1941.
  Description: In patinated bronze, of trapezoidal form, 45mm high by 31mm wide, with two curved sides. Obverse depicts the overlapping right facing profiles of the head of a European and an African soldier with the date 1940 - 1941 at the base. Reverse; the names of the three major actions of the campaign: SAIO, GAMBELA, ASOSA; with a star above and below. A bronze ribbon clasp was issued with the medal, inscribed ABYSSINIE.

   Ribbon: A central yellow stripe flanked by wider pale blue stripes, with green stripes at the edges.


The Commemorative Medal for the Abyssinian Campaign 1941


Medaille Commemorative de la Campagne d' Abyssinie 1941


ABYSSINIE ribbon bar.

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