Thomas Flawn

94th Regiment

28th November 1879
Thomas Flawn VC
Private Thomas Flawn 94th Regiment

(Operations against Sekukuni 1879)

(Joint citation with Francis Fitzpatrick)

  In recognition of their gallant conduct during the attack on Sekukuni's Town on the 28th November last, in carrying out of action Lieutenant Dewar, 1st Dragoon Guards, when badly wounded. At the time when he received his wound, Lieutenant Dewar had with him only Privates Flawn and Fitzpatrick, and six of the Native Contingent, and, being incapable of moving without assistance, the natives proceeded to carry him down the hill, when about thirty of the enemy appeared in pursuit about 40 yards in the rear, whereupon the men of the Native Contingent deserted Lieutenant Dewar, who must have been killed but for the devoted gallantry of Privates Flawn and Fitzpatrick, who carried him alternately, one covering the retreat and firing on the enemy.  



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