Robert Jones

24th Regiment
22nd January 1879
Robert Jones VC Rorke's Drift

Private Robert Jones, 2nd Battalion 24th Regiment

(Zulu War 1879)

DECORATED for conspicuous bravery and devotion to the wounded at Rorke's Drift, January 22, 1879. Privates Robert and William Jones, posted in a room of the Hospital facing the hill, kept up a steady fire against enormous odds, and while one worked to cut a hole through the partition into the next room, the other shot Zulu after Zulu through the loopholed walls, using his own and his comrade's rifle alternately when the barrels became too hot to hold owing to the incessant firing. By their united heroic efforts six out of seven patients were saved by being carried through the broken partition. The seventh, Sergeant Maxwell, being delirious, refused to be helped, and on Robert Jones returning to take him by force he found him being stabbed by the Zulus on his bed.



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