Henry Lysons

2nd Battalion, 26th (The Cameronian) Regiment

28th March 1879
Heney Lysons VC

Lieutenant Henry Lysons 2nd Battalion, 26th (The Cameronian) Regiment

   ON March 28, 1879, Sir Evelyn Wood, V.C., in command of the mounted men, taking part in the assault of the Inhlobane Mountain, noticed that much loss was being caused to our men by some Zulus who had taken up a strong position in some caves, from which they commanded the spot where some of our wounded were lying. He therefore ordered their dislodgment.
   Some delay taking place in carrying it out, Captain the Honourable Ronald Campbell, Coldstream Guards, with Lieutenant Lysons and Private Edmund Fowler,  advanced in a most courageous manner over a mass of fallen boulders and between rocks which led to a cave in which the enemy lay hidden. There being only room for one man to pass at a time, they had to advance in single file, and the first to reach the cave was Captain Campbell. On seeing him the Zulus fired, shooting him dead, upon which Lysons and Fowler sprang forward, and with great gallantry drove them from their stronghold. Afterwards Lysons remained at the cave's mouth while Captain Campbell's body was carried down the hill.
   Lieut.-Colonel Lysons, son of the late Sir Daniel Lysons, of Crimean fame, was born at Morden, Surrey, on July 13, 1858. Educated at Wellington, he joined the 90th Light Infantry in 1878, serving through the Zulu War as A.D.C. to Sir Evelyn Wood, V.C., taking part in the affairs of Zungen Nek, and the Inhlobane Mountain, and the battles of Kambula and Ulundi, being twice mentioned in despatches and obtaining medal and clasp. Served through the Soudan War, 1884-5, obtaining medal, clasp and bronze star with Egyptian Army.



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