Hans Garrett Moore

88th Regiment

29th December 1877
Hans Garrett Moore

Major Hans Garrett Moore, 88th Regiment (Later Connaught Rangers)

(Campaign against the Galekas and Gaikas 1877-78)

DURING the action near Komgha against the Gaikas on December 29, 1877, a small party of Frontier Mounted Police was forced to retire before a large body of the enemy. Private Giese was, unable to mount his horse, and the enemy was rapidly approaching. Major Moore saw the terrible plight he was in, and heroically rode back to attempt to save his life. By the time he reached him he was completely surrounded by the Gaikas, but he did not desist in his attempt until the unfortunate man was killed. Before he himself could escape, he shot two of the enemy, and was severely wounded in the arm by an assagai.

 Moore drowned on the 6th October 1889 in Loch Derg, County Tipperary, Ireland while trying to save a life.



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