Gonville Bromhead

24th Regiment

22nd January 1879
Gonville Bromhead

Lieutenant Gonville Bromhead, 24th Regiment.

(Zulu War 1879)

   IN the Defence of Rorke's Drift Post, on January 22, 1879, Lieutenant Bromhead was associated with Lieutenant Chard, and the eulogistic remarks made by the Lieut.-General in Command on that officer, were made to apply equally to him. By his splendid example of courageous bearing he inspired his men in the magnificent defence of the barricade, where, with rifle and bayonet, he assisted to repel the terrific and continuous attacks made for hours by the Zulus.
    His name, together with those of Chard, Melvill, and Coghill, are inscribed upon the colour pole of the 24th Regiment, and will go down to posterity associated ever with one of the grandest achievements of British arms. In addition to being awarded the Victoria Cross, he was promoted Captain and Brevet-Major. Was the son of Sir Gonville Bromhead, Bart., and died in Lucknow, India, on February 10, 1891.



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