Friederich Schiess

Natal Native Contingent

22nd January 1879

Corporal Friederich Schiess Natal Native Contingent

(Zulu War 1879)

   THE heroic share of Corporal Schiess in the splendid Defence of Rorke's Drift was only tardily recognized by the authorities, and the same pressure was brought to bear upon them as was necessary in the case of James Dalton (V.C.), before his undoubted merits were rewarded. By birth a Swede, he was one of the wounded in the Hospital when the news was brought that the Zulus were marching on the Drift, and in spite of a severe and painful injury to his foot, he came from his bed and took part in the heroic defence. His conduct at the barricades was brave to a degree. On one occasion he leapt on to the wall of mealie-bags, stabbed a Zulu, and sprang down again, repeating the performance three times in succession.



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