Frederick Hitch

2nd Battalion 24th Regiment

22nd January 1879
Frederick Hitch VC

 Private Frederick Hitch 2nd Battalion 24th Regiment  

(Zulu War 1879)

ON January 22, 1879, at the Defence of Rorke's Drift, Hitch was associated with William Allen (V.C.) in a most courageous defence of a dangerous and important position. By their steady fire the two men held open the communication between the Hospital and the Inner Defence, enabling the wounded to be carried across, when the Zulus had set light to the thatched building. He was very badly hit by a roughly-made Zulu bullet, which inflicted a fearful gash in his shoulder, no less than thirty-six pieces of bone being taken away afterwards from the wound. He was presented with the Cross by Queen Victoria at Netley Hospital on his return in the summer of 1879.

Born at Southgate in Middlesex, November 28, 1856. Previous to the Zulu War, he had served through the Kaffir War of 1877-8, and since leaving the Army has held various positions of responsibility, chief among them that of one of the " Right of the Line " Corps of Commissionaires, stationed at the Imperial Institute, and also at the United Service Institute, Whitehall. Hitch, though his arm has lost a great deal of its former power, may now often be seen in London, driving his smart cab, with which (possessing two horses of his own) he makes a comfortable living.



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