Edmund O'Toole

Frontier Light Horse

3rd July 1879
(O'Toole standing)
Sergeant Edmund O'Toole Frontier Light Horse

A reconnaissance was made, prior to the battle of Ulundi, on July 3, 1879. When ordered to retire, vast hordes of Zulus advancing towards the mounted men, Sergeant Fitzmaurice was injured by his horse falling and rolling on him. Lord William Beresford rode back and took him up in front of him, but the enemy were now only a short distance from them and O'Toole kept them in check, shooting many with his carbine. Fitzmaurice, however, was so stunned by his fall that he could not keep upon the horse, and nearly dismounted Lord William, upon which O'Toole threw away his carbine and together they were able to rescue him. (See also account of Lord William Beresford.)



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