Cecil D'Arcy

Frontier Light Horse

3rd July 1879
(D'Arcy seated)
Captain Cecil D'Arcy, Frontier Light Horse

ON July 3, 1879, during the reconnaissance before Ulundi by the Mounted Corps, Trooper Raubenheim, of the Frontier Light Horse, fell from the saddle as the rest were retiring. Notwithstanding the proximity of the Zulus, who were rushing towards them, Captain D'Arcy waited until his companion had mounted behind him and then proceeded to ride away, but the horse kicked both men off. Raubenheim was stunned, so D'Arcy tried to lift the man into the saddle again, heroically making several attempts, though the Zulus were getting nearer and nearer ; but at last, finding he was powerless to do so, he was obliged to leave him. It was a miraculous escape for Captain D'Arcy as, when he started to save himself, the Zulus had actually closed upon him.

Captain D'Arcy's life was saved by Sir Redvers Buller, V.C., during the Zulu War.



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